Welcome to Untapped’s new column, “Tap This,” where our editors report on their top picks of the week, ranging from food, books, music, fashion, and more.

This week Michelle, UntappedCities founder, reports on…

What I’m Reading: Powering the Dream The History and Promise of Green Technology by Alexis Madrigal, senior editor of the Atlantic. Meticulously researched, timely and relevant, and always entertaining. Oil he says, “was the killer app for the infrastructure age.” I went to the  book launch at the apartment of Justin Smith, the President of  Atlantic Media, and caught up with the author with whom I once shared a firedoor with! Smith’s apartment building turns out to be where Edgar Allan Poe wrote some of the Raven. Fitting.
What I’m Listening to: Bon Iver’s eponymous new album gets 9.5 on Pitchfork.
What I’m Eating: Learning how to cook kale, verdolaga and other goodies from my community shared agriculture, Local Roots CSA based in Brooklyn.
Most Untapped thing I did this week: Tagged along with Why Are You On My Train? to film their weekly subway interviews.
Most Untapped thing I’ll be doing next week: Heading to Paris tonight for the UntappedParis/Singapore Takeout dinner with chef Andre Chiang at the Hippodrome d’Auteuil (for horse races, the Rolling Stones and apparently, Singaporean couture food.)
What I’m Wearing: American Retro (ironically from Paris) gets deep into that hard to wear pale pink/coral and I love it.
What I’m Using: Turntable.fm. Incredibly fun, incredibly social group DJing where hitting the awesome button makes your avatar bop.