Saturday evening’s dinner with Singapore Takeout, UntappedParis and chef Andre Chiang was quite unforgettable. We were 28, plus 4 of Andre Chiang’s friends from Paris and the team from Singapore Takeout. With waiters, hostesses, bartenders, DJs, and many behind the scenes whom we didn’t get to thank, it was an impressive team.

Here are photographs from the 5-course dinner at the Hippodorome d’Auteuil:

1st course: Tarte a l’oignon

2nd course: Pomme de Terre “Bravas’ confite dans huile di ciboulette

3rd course: Fois gras chawanmushi et coulis de trouffe noire

Andre and his team welcomed the diners to come close to check out the preparation and to talk to them

Preparing the risotto de calamars au riz de Jasmin

The risotto de calamars au riz de Jasmin (with a surprise inside)

The boeuf sur poudre de charbon aromatique, praline d’oignon

Snickers blanc, a new twist on an old favorrite

Guests begin to say their goodbyes, armed with their Palais des Thes gift bags

Thank you to the fantastic group of guests, including Phyllis Flick from Paris Notebook, Richard Naheim from Eye Prefer Paris, Sophie Cornibert from Fulgurances, Misha from Bazingcast, Nicolas and Olivia from Un Cafe l’Addition, Yetunde from  Feels Like Home In Paris,  Kit and Jean-Claude from FR3 and ACOMPTEA, Caroline from Dvvd,and Lauranie from Esprit Chocolat.  Special thanks to our sponsors Le Palais des Thes and Agence Sillages who will be making the forthcoming video of the event. And to Luke Shepard who allowed UntappedParis to present his incredible film Le Flâneur.

For additional photos, check out our Facebook page, recap by Like Home In Paris and  stay tuned for the video by Agence Sillages.