The Anish Kapoor installation  for Monumenta at the Grand Palais was incredible. You could even go  inside the bubble and depending on the time of day and weather, the  glass and iron patterning from the Grand Palais exterior would make  shadows. There were also regular events in the evenings, accessible  via your ticket and the famous Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) of M-nus Records DJ-ed an electro party one night. Another reason we love Paris.

Monumenta invites an internationally renowned artist to create a site-specific installation for the majestic interior of the Grand Palais in.  The is the fourth installation of Monumenta and the most visited, with nearly 278,000 visitors over 40 days, an 85% increase over the last year.  Next year’s Monumenta will be curated by Daniel Buren.

The Grand Palais is no stranger to electro parties, having hosted  Nuit Electro in October.