Paris Plage opens again tomorrow! For those just joining us in Paris, Paris Plage is the annual beach that takes over the banks of the Seine from mid-July through mid-August. If you’re skeptical that Paris can be a beachside resort town, take a look at the photos below from last year. This year there will be 10x more sand, new racket sports and new beach furniture. Disneyland Paris will be building a 5 meter high Sleeping Beauty castle out of sand and there will be tons of concerts and exhibitions as always.



Part of a row of fussball tables available to all:

Beer on tap:


Free massages from the free massage group:

Something for everyone:

 This year’s Paris Plage goes between July 21 and August 21. More information on the fun Paris Plage website. See you there!

2 thoughts on “Paris Plage Opens Tomorrow!

    1. It’s free! You tip at the end. The massage varies depending on the person, more of a fun experience.

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