Paris Plage opens again tomorrow! For those just joining us in Paris, Paris Plage is the annual beach that takes over the banks of the Seine from mid-July through mid-August. If you’re skeptical that Paris can be a beachside resort town, take a look at the photos below from last year. This year there will be 10x more sand, new racket sports and new beach furniture. Disneyland Paris will be building a 5 meter high Sleeping Beauty castle out of sand and there will be tons of concerts and exhibitions as always.



Part of a row of fussball tables available to all:

Beer on tap:


Free massages from the free massage group:

Something for everyone:

 This year’s Paris Plage goes between July 21 and August 21. More information on the fun Paris Plage website. See you there!

2 thoughts on “Paris Plage Opens Tomorrow!

  1. How much it coast for street massage? Did you try it? Very interesting.

    1. It’s free! You tip at the end. The massage varies depending on the person, more of a fun experience.

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