You just can’t predict this church to be on 123rd and Lenox in Harlem. Then again, when it comes to people’s loopy feelings on Obama, you can’t predict anything these days.

ATLAH World Missionary Church is led by a charming gentleman named James David Manning. I think it’s safe to say, from the church marquee, he’s not a big fan of Barry. Some other kind things he has to say:

Manning’s Rap Sheet:

Called Obama’s mother “White Trash” (rude)
Once compared Obama to Hitler. (weak)
Predicts a White backlash against Obama, filled with riots. (this isn’t Vancouver)
Says that Africa is cursed. (that’s just dumb)
Says that African-Americans shouldn’t support Kwanzaa (I mean”¦), the NBA (did he watch the finals?), or major Black-owned Businesses (you shut your mouth)

Oh, and he said this quote:

“It is common knowledge that African men, coming from the continent of Africa–especially for the first time–do diligently seek out white women to have sexual intercourse with. Generally the most noble of white society choose not to intercourse sexually with these men. So it’s usually the trashier ones who make their determinations that they’re going to have sex.”

Thems. Fighting. Words. Can you imagine someone saying that about your parents? That’s about the rudest thing I’ve ever heard. I can’t imagine the restraint it must take not to hop on Air Force One and dropkick this guy, mid-Wednesday Night Bible Study Meeting.

I bring all this up, because one of my favorite things to do in life is to see crazy people in their element. I truly believe it’s important to witness how truly insane/deranged some people are in their beliefs. You’ve got to. Tea-party rallies, birther tweet-ups, Fox News Skate Night”¦ I want to see it all.

Up until last night when I snapped this picture, I thought I had to travel miles & miles (Mississippi) to witness the best of the worst. Who knew I could get my fill 3 blocks east of the casa. Fantastic.

I really want to go, but would love a companion or seven 1) because I’m sort of terrified and 2) I want someone else to vouch for what goes down at the church.

Let me know if you’re down. And if you are, don’t let me chicken out. Don’t let my “if we go, they might lock us in the basement and never let us see our friends and families again” defense interrupt our Sunday morning plans.

You can join the protest by signing a petition at

Rembert Browne also writes for his irreverent and award nominated blog, 500dayasunder.