Welcome back to “Tap This,”  where our editors report on their top picks of the week. Untapped founder, Michelle Young, reports on  

What I’m Eating: Checked out the new Hamptons-style restaurant, Tremont, in New York’s Greenwich Village on Bank Street, as recommended on Urban Daddy. We recommend the steak rib with scrumptious herbs on top, the halibut special and the squid appetizer. Nice drink list too.

Most Untapped thing I did this week: Went urban exploring in Detroit with photographer Ryan Southen and played an abandoned piano inside the factory where Henry Ford got his start.

Most Untapped thing I’ll be doing next week: Going to check out Brazenhead Books, a speakeasy-like bookstore on the Upper East Side, by appointment only.

What I’m Wearing: Shrunken navy gold-button boy blazer. Don’t spend $200 on it at J.Crew. It’s almost always available in the boys section at suburban thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army. It’s authentic because prep school boys grow out of their blazers and it’s cheap: less than $5.

What I’m Using: I finally got an iPad and have been using the app Sonar (made for iPhone) to discover crazy, hidden connections with the people in my proximity. Absolutely floored me.

What I’m Reading:  Urbanist David Grahame Shane’s new book,  Urban Design Since 1945: A Global Perspective. I’m also helping him with the seminar he’s teaching at Columbia University based on this book. The students are 3D creating growth models for New York and Moscow, with the hope that it could become an analysis tool for any city.