A recent and massive theft  has caused the DIY music spot, the Silent Barn, to temporarily close operations. They’re viewing this as an opportunity to begin a transition into a viably permanent, resilient, and safe part of New York City and are looking to raise $40,000 through Kickstarter. They raised half within 24 hours–an incredible feat.

Help them reach their goal by hanging out at this outdoor show featuring Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, the Eskalators,  Blastoids, 2 Ton Bug, Religious Girls and Bee. It’ll be hosted in one of the locations of Clinton Hill DIY festival, Hillstock. I’ve spent some hungover mornings at 106 Emerson watching The Wire, Flight of the Concords and making costumes for the house cat–and I can vouch that this place is awesome.

Join us for an evening of mind-exploding musical performances from six different genre-defying bands that will converge from the north, the south, the east, and the west of our fair country, for one INSANE night of music and dancing to benefit THE SILENT BARN.

August 6th, starting at 4pm. Facebook invite.

–  http://theterrorpigeondanc””¹erevolt.bandcamp.com/
– Purchase, NY -> Murfreesboro, TN
– “epileptic light show dance party nomads AKA the sweatiest band on earth”

–  http://eskalators.bandcamp””¹.com/
– Brooklyn, NY
– “so many people in this band, that you are probably one of them”

–  http://blastoids.bandcamp.””¹com/
– Murfreesboro, TN
– “astronomical discoveries at the nexus of punk, psych, and industrial”

–  http://2tonbug.bandcamp.co””¹m/
– New Haven, CT
– “hardcore-electro-country,””¹ cowboys vs aliens awesomeness”

–  http://religiousgirls.band””¹camp.com/
– Oakland, CA
– “epic tribal punk rock jazz fusion men”

–  http://bees.bandcamp.com/
– Binghamton, NY
– “fuzzed-out heavy riffing noise-core pop”u

 Brooklyn, DIY, queens

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