Last week, we looked at the eclectic Passage Jouffroy which was built as an extension of the Passage des Panoramas, one of the first arcades in Paris. It was long a favorite of Parisians, particularly because it once had two viewing rotundas with expansive views over Paris. Its popularity remained even after the destruction of the rotundas in 1831 due to the  famous tenants inside the Passage des Panoramas, including the engraver Stern, cafe Veron, la Patisserie Felix, and a confectioner to the Duchess of Corlande. For lovers of vintage signage, the first half of the passage is ripe with well maintained examples:

In the 1830s, architect Jean-Louis Victor Grisart renovated the passage and added more sections in the back. One of these gave access to the theater of the varieties, located next door:

Another gives access out to Rue Vivienne:

The infamous “Euro Men’s Club Sauna and Hammam” is located at the exit to Rue Saint-Marc:

The back of the passage has some hidden gems so don’t miss it, like this restaurant:

I love this mix of old and new signage, with a distinct juxtaposition of French and foreign shops:

One of the Tombées du camion stores is located here, carrying “lots de objets uniques”:

There are shops for coin collectors and even champagne caps:

The original Stern Graveur signage:

A cool sign:

The front entrance:

Passage Jouffroy
12 Boulevard Montmartre
75009 Paris