It was one of those New York evenings–we were ready to have an adventure. The destination was Pirosmani, the Georgian restaurant in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Some of the group got an early start at a 3 pm happy hour, a move later befitting of the atmosphere in the restaurant.

We were the only non-Georgians in the place, but yet there was something reassuring about the restaurant, as if it hadn’t changed in decades: the low ceilings, the murals on both sides, the fake ivy, the formica chairs…all of it reminded me of spots on Long Island I grew up going to.  We sat at a table just in front of the stage. Stage you ask? There was a dance floor, complete with DJ in the corner in front of a wall dotted with LED lights.

The tables are placed very close together, and many groups were there banquet style. This setup encouraged camaraderie. A woman came over from the table next to us to help us order. Of prime importance were drinks of course, and she declared “Without alcohol, there is NOTHING!” She arranged for us to get a bottle of vodka from a shop across the street that was closed, or almost closing for the evening.

The waiter asked us how we had even heard about the place. We asked him to bring us a variety of dishes that covered the range of specialities.

The food was excellent and I wish I had taken more photographs. Beware if you have nut allergies though, nearly every dish has something.

Our energy fit in with the regulars easily, and we ended up dancing with everyone (but we were easily the worst dancers in the whole place).

Our friendly neighbors:

These were non-alcoholic flavored drinks:

Overall, Pirosmani is worth the trip for both the food and the experience.

2222 Ave U
Brooklyn,  NY  11229

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