In this week’s “Tap This,”Untapped editor Ann explores the soon-to-be next Untapped Cities hub. Stay tuned for the launch of Untapped SF at the end of this month. For now, here’s where she’s been and what she’s been up to!

What I’m Reading:  The  Believer. The periodical’s sturdy card-stock cover feels good in the hands, and the writing is exceptional. New York City can keep The New Yorker. San Francisco has The Believer.

What I’m Listening to: Stile Antico. After a stressful day, I’ll often skip Happy Hour, opting instead for a yoga class or, when I’m short on time, a good dose of Renaissance polyphony. It does wonders to clear the mind. Try it out.

What I’m Eating:  Anda Piroshkis. Chef Anna Tvelova fills her golden piroshki breads with ingredient combinations ranging from the traditional spinach and mushroom to the breakfast duo of smoked salmon and cream cheese. Always experimenting, Anna keeps her clients’ palettes guessing with her adventurous daily specials. One morning she offered me a dessert piroshki that kept me grinning for the rest of the day: caramel drenched apricots. Anna, bring this one back, please!

Most Untapped thing I did this week:  Climbed  Twin Peaks for arguably the best views of San Francisco:

Most Untapped thing I would be doing next week if I wasn’t on a boat headed to Alaska: Sunday Streets on 8/14. If while on vacation I fall prey to seasickness on the high seas, I’ll be wishing I was on solid ground, walking the car-free Sunday Streets of the Tenderloin and Civic Center neighborhoods, soaking in the fresh air and communing with my fellow San Franciscans. From 11 AM to 4 PM, select streets will be closed to cars  and open to cyclers, pedestrians and frolickers alike.

What I’m Wearing:  Overland Equipment Quincy Bag.  Based in Chico, California, Overland Equipment touts that their bags are “the one[s] you use.”I agree. Craftsmanship meets style meets functionality in my dearest Quincy, which looks like a purse, feels like a satchel and, best of all, protects my iPhone in a fleece-lined pocket. Yes, it’s true-I’m in love.

What I’m Using: Stampt. Recycle your paper loyalty cards and get Stampt, the free iPhone app that saves you time and is good for the environment. Avoid wasting precious seconds fishing through your wallet for your loyalty coffee card, while the folks in line behind you grumble about being late for their train. Just open your app, snap a photo of the retailer’s barcode card and you’re one purchase closer to your free drink. (Stampt is currently available for use in New York, Cincinnati, Chicago and San Francisco.)