Fashion and San Francisco pretty much go hand in hand. It seems that everyone in this city has something to say, and often times they do it with their style and personality. Born and raised in Japan, Kayo, as a little girl, always dreamed of one day becoming just like the heroes and heroines of her favorite anime series. Kayo created KAYO anime clothing,  which explores the crossover of “who we are” and “who we want to be” by bridging the gap between the two. She encourages people to find another part of themselves by expressing themselves through clothing.

Selections from KAYO’s current line of clothing are interspersed with the designer’s answers to questions on life, work and her inspiration:

We can make anything possible. We can even make non-reality into reality. Kayo wants to make her fashion into a bridge between reality and non-reality. By combining the non-reality of anime with the reality of street fashion, KAYO transforms the wearers into different characters, characters that they create within themselves (one of their alter-egos so to speak), bringing out the different part of them with what they wear each day. –KAYO anime clothing

Untapped Cities:  How long have you been designing clothes

Kayo: Started sewing around 14, taught by my mom. Was making clothes for Barbie dolls before too.

Untapped Cities: How long have you been in San Francisco?

Kayo: Since [the] millennium, 2000. Moved away to New York for few years between 2003 and 2006, then came back to San Francisco.

Untapped Cities: What made you get into fashion?

Kayo: Not sure, seems like it has been in my blood since I was born!

Untapped Cities: What inspired this year’s line?

Kayo: The independent woman, feminine yet edgy.

Untapped Cities: How did you choose your accessories?

Kayo: Some of them were handmade for this shoot. I had a amazing stylist, Nikki Flamingo, who offered to help. She brought [a] bunch of accessories.

Untapped Cities: What can you tell us about the headdresses?

Kayo: [They are] 0ne-of-a-kind, unique headdresses are made by SF local designer Caley Johnson, aka Miss G in the Outer Mission. You can purchase them on Etsy. Also check out Ayapapaya’s feather accessories, used in some [of the] photos.

Untapped Cities:  Anything else you want to say?

Kayo: Please “like” my Facebook page to receive upcoming shows/sales.

The world is interested and intrigued by the possibilities of interactions and collaboration between mediums that are entirely different and otherwise unrelated. The integration of anime and fashion is only the beginning of the endless possibilities. KAYO wants to always intrigue and surprise by finding in the audience the yet different aspect of self. You gain new experiences and keep changing because Kayo believes that fashion is an expression and representation of different faces we contain within ourselves. –KAYO anime clothing

Clothing: Kayo Mitsuyama–KAYO Anime Clothing
Headdress: Miss G
Make up: Kara Emily & Kayo
Styling: Nikki Flamingo
Model: Kara Emily
Photographer: Faern,

KAYO anime clothing can be purchased around the Bay Area and beyond.

Bay Area:
Ceiba Record
Loft 1513 Boutique
RAG Co-op
Georgiou Studio Sausalito

Los Angeles:
AD 2013
Bohemian Exchange

MBN Belly Dance Shop Japan
Etnix Australia