The Untapped Web Bites are editor picks of the best online reads of the week from each of our cities and the most Untapped places across the globe.  

The 2011 Homeless World Cup is taking place in Paris this week



Last year Untapped wrote of the problem in developing Lower Manhattan in case of hurricane [Untapped New York]

Visit the Coney Island of yore with a clip from a silent film starring    “The Brooklyn Bonfire”  aka Clara Bow. [Amusing the Zillion]

Revolutionary War fort remnants in upper Manhattan are discovered by Untapped contributor David Freeland [AM New York]

Bike snobbery reaches the West Coast–a fun infographic  [Flowing Data]

The 10th Homeless World Cup is taking place in Paris this week [Daily Record]


Burger joints are springing up in N’awlins, bringing with them burger perfection. [NOLA]

A Louisiana guide to hurricane preparedness for East Coasters.  For the full experience, be sure to stock up on bourbon.  [Guardian]


Three guys document their travels into three short, compelling (and delicious) videos-eat, learn, move. [Vimeo]

The world’s second-tallest structure is set to be a solar plant. (Yup, a solar plant!) [The Week]


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