Food trucks and subway car dining, step aside. Singapore has reinvented takeout pushing it to new gastronomic heights and delivering it to a city near you in the “Singapore Takeout” container.

Singapore Takeout is a part of the Singapore International Culinary Exchange (SPICE), an international gastronomic initiative collaboratively fronted by International Enterprise Singapore, Singapore Tourism Board and SPRING Singapore.

Early concept image of the Singapore Takeout ‘shipping’ container:

The design of the Singapore Takeout container is intuitive to every Singaporean resident upon first glance. It’s built as an actual shipping container symbolizing Singapore’s history as an influential port city. Views of Singapore’s horizon and the ports are masked with docked shipping boats stacked with endless containers. The exterior illustrations showcase different facets of the country’s architectural landscape and heritage, including the new iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The hues of red and white are reminiscent of the colors of the Singaporean flag. The illustration style is minimalist and modern, a reflection of Singapore as a modern, cosmopolitan hub with a unique heritage.

Now, let’s talk interior. The Singapore Takeout container comes equipped with:

2 x 2.7kW induction cookers
2 x 3.5kW induction cookers
1 x salamander with branding plate
1 x 3L pasta/noodle cooker (4 baskets)
2 x 3L single basket deep fryer
1 x 60cm griddle
1 x 6 tray combo-steam oven

The custom-designed container is the brainchild of Ate Consulting and The Shelter Company. Ate Consulting was started in 2006, with a team of five, originating as a food and beverage consulting firm resonating with the passion that both founders, Aun Kohl and Tan Su-Lyn, have with Singaporean cuisine and the culinary scene. It is now a lifestyle and media consulting firm with a substantial team of multi-national employees. Aun Kohl is not only the co-founder of Ate Consulting but also its luxury expert and the creator of locally renowned food blog, Chubby Hubby. When asked what Singaporean dish he cannot get enough of, Aun said Teowchew porridge. Tan Su-Lyn, co-founder of Ate Consulting, is the media & communications expert but also an avid foodie. When asked what Singaporean dish she cannot get enough of, she said Hainanese Chicken Rice.

So where in the world is the Singapore Takeout container? It’s making its way to New York City, after having traveled over 27,000 miles (66,000 kilometers) and feeding over 1,000 patrons since inception.

Singapore Takeout container as it left for its 365-day world tour:

Container in transit during the Moscow leg of its World Tour:

Here is the full schedule of the “Singapore Takeout”  World Tour:

London (9 – 11 Jun 2011)
Chef Janice Wong (2am:dessertbar)

Paris (30 Jun – 2 Jul 2011)
Chef André Chiang (Restaurant André) – Check out here the Paris event where Untapped partnered with Singapore Takeout.

Moscow (15 – 17 Jul 2011)
Chef Ryan Clift (Tippling Club)
Chef Daniel Sia (The Disgruntled Chef)

New York (16 – 18 Sep 2011)
Chef Malcolm Lee (Candlenut Kitchen) – Preview their New York menu here and check out the delectable food that was served that day.

Hong Kong (10 – 12 Nov 2011)
Chef Armin Leitgeb (Les Amis)

Shanghai (1 – 3 Dec 2011)
Chef Willin Low (Wild Rocket)

Delhi (13 – 15 Jan 2012)
Chef Benjamin Seck (True Blue Cuisine)

Dubai (19 – 20 Feb 2012)
Chef Haikal Johari (winner of Channel News Asia’s “Perfect Meal”  in 2009)

Sydney (30 Mar – 1 Apr 2012)
Team from Iggy’s

At the end of the Singapore Takeout World Tour, the container would have traveled a total distance of 67,509 miles (108,690 kilometers), which is almost three times around the world!

No future plans yet for what’s to come after Sydney but the possibilities of spin-off events are endless. Collaborations are already in the works with chefs from the same 9 cities as we approach the Global Chef Exchange event this October.