In this week’s “Tap This,” New Orleans editor Daniel Morales is back in New Orleans and celebrating the arrival of September by eating lots of oysters.  

What I’m reading:Town of Cats” by Haruki Murakami, an excerpt from his forthcoming novel 1Q84. I also really enjoyed this interview with Beck on Pitchfork, “Beck: 15 Years.

What I’m listening to: Panda Bear’s new album “Tomboy.”  And the Untapped New Orleans Spotify Playlist, of course.

Most Untapped thing I did this week: Yesterday was “Oyster Day,”  a holiday I created four years ago in Japan. Oyster Day celebrates the end of the R-less summer months: May, June, July and August. All you have to do is eat oysters – there’s nothing else involved. We went to Cooter Brown’s Tavern for dozens of raw oysters and the last Saints preseason game. For the second year in a row we also made T-shirts:

Most Untapped thing I’ll be doing next week: I have class late next Tuesday night, but afterward I’m going to run over to Avenue Pub for the release of Smoky Mary, NOLA Brewing’s latest seasonal beer – it’s a smoked Oktoberfest-style ale.