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The Tribute in Light returns to Ground Zero. [Metropolis Mag]

Muni-Meter Patrollers crop up on the Lower East Side. Motorists, you’ve been warned. [Bowery Boogie]

Call to subway aficionados, HBO drama Boardwalk Empire is bringing back authentic nostalgia trains to the subway.[Gothamist]


Artist Andy Stattmiller cultivates the unique Muni experience that every SF traveler can attest to. [Muni Diaries]

Rogue Muni riders, (let it be noted that Untapped Cities does not condone these actions). [Muni Diaries]


David Lynch fans: ever want to experience Mulholland Drive? Perhaps not, either way though, enter Silencio. [Hollywood Reporter]

The varied, emotive faces of France. [France 24]


The Beer Buddha takes a taste of NOLA Brewing’s new seasonal beer, Smoky Mary – a smoked Oktoberfest-style ale. [The Beer Buddha]


Pop-up placemaking is allowing cities and urban designers to reconceive the urban center. [Sustainable Cities Collective]

Brevity is conquering convolution; Twitter is pervading academia. [The Next Web]


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