Paris will be remembering 9/11 at Trocadero, with this powerful temporary monument. It was still in progress this afternoon but we think it will complete the memorial event in New York City tomorrow. Written in French and English – The French Will Never Forget– with the twin towers framing the Eiffel Tower, it’s an impactful statement about solidarity and monumentalism. And after all,  Jacques Chirac was the first foreign President to fly above the ruins of the World Trade Center in a helicopter with Giuliani.

For native New Yorkers like myself, the repercussions of that one day in history replicate in certain moments in our lives. We go on– the rhythm of the city never fades– but with every explosion, fire and even the rare earthquake that hit us a few weeks ago, our hearts skip a beat and wonder if it is happening again. We raid our grocery stores before a hurricane because after that day, we knew we were no longer invincible to any threat – manmade or not. With our invincibility and our naive belief in global good will shattered, the country’s political response forever altered our relationship with the rest of the world. Some of us opened up and desired to travel, to understand. Others closed in, protecting from faraway threats. This weekend we will stop to contemplate, to allow the emotions to run over. Ten years ago, we didn’t have Facebook or Twitter. What will the next ten years bring?

Next, see photos of 1 World Trade Center’s response to the attacks on Paris on November 13, 2015.

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12 thoughts on “9/11 Memorial in Paris: The French Will Never Forget

  1. That’s so touching and so beautiful. I truly am sad that the American stereotypes portray French people as rude. 9/11 was awful, and these people showed millions just how incredibly thoughtful they are. Je t’aime, la France!

  2. I am very proud of my country and our countries . Friendship between American and French was born longtime ago, and we will never NEVER broke the best friendship on the world. Once again, RIP for all victims and globaly for America. God bless you. Bisous bisous !

    PS : Sorry for my English i’m not fluently (not yet!)

  3. Once again the French pay a remarkable tribute to our country. While their gift of theStatute of Liberty still graces New York and welcomes all, this Twin Tower tribute is amazing. Thank you! Merci! Merci! Vous êtes un peuple merveilleux!

  4. Seems a third column was left out, which would represent Building 7 of the WTC complex, collapsed on its footprint on the afternoon of 9/11.

    1. Seriously? they’re called the TWIN towers. Why can’t you just appreciate the wonderful, powerful gesture. One that NO other country bothered to make? Instead, all you did is criticize. I bet you live in your momma’s basement. Alone and rude.

  5. Very well said, thank you. We just missed the memorial by two days. Saw ‘In Paris’ with Baryshnikov the night of the 9th in the Theatre National de Chaillot but the memorial wasn’t there yet 🙁

  6. As a native New Yorker and someone who lived in Europe for a decade, I know how significant it is to have this monument, strategically built at the Palais de Chaillot (at the Plaza of Human Rights at Trocadéro), for the occasion. Let us not forget, in addition to the tourists, there are many North Americans living in Paris, and France, for that matter. It comes as a surprise that Paris is the only capital in the world to remember 9/11 with a proper commemoration event. This is definitely a very nice thing to do.

    1. Thanks Valerie for your nice comment, and for pointing out the location at the Plaza of Human Rights. Everything seems well planned out and thoughtfully done.

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