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People gettin’ down at an old school Brooklyn block party. [Vimeo]

If you haven’t seen it yet, here are some images of the Wall Street protesters. [Gawker]



Let your cares float away at SF’s Float Matrix. [7×7 SF]



Back in the olden days, you could only get chocolate from a pharmacist. This and more choco-stories at the Parisian chocolate museum. [Bonjour Paris]

Former Saint Steve Gleason is battling Lou Gehrig’s disease. Last Sunday was the five-year anniversary of his epic post-Katrina punt block against the Atlanta Falcons. []



A speakeasy, a true-to-form Russian restaurant complete with 50+ kinds of vodka and a magic show over a meticulously-made mojito are only some of the things you wont find in most of Singapore’s guidebooks. []

Singapore’s must-try vegetarian restaurants. [The Honeycombers]



Got the travel bug, but frustrated by high fuel costs, or just against the use of harmful fuels? Travel the world on cooking oil! [We Blog the World]

You’ll never look at the Craigslist Missed Connections the same way again. [The Atlantic]


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