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The end is in sight. Soon, New Yorkers will be able to talk on their phones underground while waiting for their trains. [BBC]

More photos of witty and clever signs from the growing anti-Wall St. movement. [Gawker]



Scott Weaver’s Rolling through the Bay from The Tinkering Studio. [Vimeo] [The Tinkering Studio]

A requisite and hilarious hipster rant. [Thought Catalog]



Parisians, get ready, Paris is launching an electric-car sharing program called Autolib. [BBC]

Friend of Untapped, Luke Shepard, has put together another fantastic time-lapse video, this time for Nikon as they launch the Nikon 1. [Untapped]

The Emile Weil-designed triplex on St. Charles Avenue has avoided the chopping block . . . for now. Weil was also the architect behind the Saenger Theatre. [The Lens]

Occupy New Orleans protests draw a mixed crowd and receive mixed reactions. [The Lens]



The new “Re-Imagining the Rail Corridor” exhibition explores several creative ideas on what could replace the former Malaysian railway land, that snaked through Singapore’s Central Business District. [Channel News Asia]



Confused about all the occupy movements popping up? Here’s a site that’s not only keeping tabs, but reminding people why it’s happening, through charts! [Mother Jones]


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