Continuing on from our Part I  coverage of the Singapore Takeout, we feature the renowned chefs who have completed their stops and give you more of a flavor about who they are and what they like.

Since its launch, the Singapore Takeout initiative has been the talk of many towns. One question that is always asked is “Why aren’t all the featured chefs Singaporean?”  Singapore Takeout is about promoting the current explosive culinary scene that has taken ablaze over the past few years, in Singapore and inspired by Singapore. More and more renowned chefs around the globe are plotting their stake in this scene.

For the local chefs, foodies and the millions that visit Singapore each year, it is a burst of inspiration and an expansion of knowledge of global cuisine. For the celebrity and global chefs that open establishments in Singapore, it is a journey for them to elevate their techniques under Singaporean influences. To sum up, you don’t need to be Singaporean chef to love the food or be inspired by it, let alone promote it.

On the first leg of the World Tour, Singapore Takeout delivered to London, Chef Janice Wong of 2am:dessertbar. With Chef Janice’s cutting edge style in desserts, it was a perfect match with London’s image of cutting edge fashion. Find out what inspired Chef Janice to join this initiative in her interview with Singapore Eats.

The second stop on the World Tour was Paris. Singapore Takeout delivered France’s own French-trained chef, Andre Chiang of Restaurant André. Find out what inspired Chef Andre to join this initiative in his interview with Singapore Eats. When asked what Singapore dish he cannot get enough of, Chef Andre whispered satay in his soft sentiment. “The smell of charcoal is sexy and is irreplaceable. I especially love the little burnt bits which make the dish complete,”  he said.

Singapore Takeout delivered to Moscow, Chef Ryan Clift of the Tippling Club. Find out what inspired Chef Ryan to join this initiative in his interview with Singapore Eats. When asked what Singaporean dish he cannot get enough of, Chef Ryan said chili crab in a heartbeat’s time.

“It was the first local dish I had when I first arrived in Singapore and remains a loved one,”  he said. So much so that he has created a deconstructed interpretation of chili crab for his restaurant.

Chef Ryan’s experience in Moscow was linguistically an interesting one. One may think that all chefs speak the same language when in the kitchen, but sometimes you just need a translator. His case, there was a translator on standby in the kitchen during the entire course of the event from prep to service, morning till night.

The Singapore Takeout also delivered to Moscow Chef Daniel Sia of The Disgruntled Chef. Find out what inspired Chef Daniel to join this initiative in his interview with Singapore Eats. When asked what Singaporean dish he cannot get enough of, Chef Daniel proclaimed laksa with a deep breath as he reminisced the flavor.

“My cravings change daily. I would’ve said Hainanese Chicken Rice but I had that just yesterday,”  he said with a smile, happily taken back by the many comfort foods his home country has to offer.

While in Moscow, Chef Daniel shared the space within the 5.7m x 2.5m x 2.1m (width x height x depth) container with Chef Ryan as well as the translator. Coincidentally, their restaurants are located just a hop and skip away from each other on Dempsey Hill.

The next stop on the Singapore Takeout World Tour was New York City, check out the event here. The full schedule is available here for the tour.