We previously profiled artist David Foox in his post-apocalyptic studio in an abandoned office floor high above Wall Street and hung out with him at the new studio of celebrity photographer, Patrick McMullan. This past weekend Foox made a pit stop at New York Comic Con. Here’s what we chatted about:

Untapped: So Foox, What makes New York’s ComicCon unique?

Foox: NYCC is New York’s answer to the venerable SDCC (San Diego Comic Con). However as politics and infighting has ruined SDCC, NYCC seems unstoppable.  I am so lucky to be included in the festivities here at NYCC. This year’s ComicCon is bigger badder and more fun than anything I have done before.  It’s also been a funny Comic Con so far. It’s tremendously understaffed at the Javits and has become a free for all (or FFA as they say in gaming speak) and people are just bum rushing the entrance with or without tickets and no one cares. It’s the “occupy wall street” of the comic book world.  This is by far the largest NYCC New York has ever seen.

Untapped: Where are you exhibiting here and offline?

Foox: You can find my art here at Metro Orange and Tenacious Toys here and online at Followpropaganda.com,  Organ-donors.us and Foox-u.com/blog. There’s also a limited edition run of my Mao Money at 1xrun.

Untapped; What’s up with you next?

Foox: I’m not satisfied with any of the “normal” steps artists take to “make it” and instead I am forging my own path. I want to exhibit my golden bars with Sumerian Tablets scrawled on the back and I wanna do this soon.

Some additional shots inside NYCC this year:

New York Comic Con Official Site