One of the most influential surrealists of all time, Salvador Dali, created unexpected juxtapositions that were regarded as expressions of philosophical movements.

This latest exhibition at the stunning new ArtScience Museum  in Singapore, until 13 November 2011, showcases 250 pieces of Dali’s artwork, uncovering the central themes that inspired him: Femininity and Sensuality, Religion and Mythology, Dreams and Fantasy. Furniture also inspired the artist and in one of the galleries, chairs and tables are pinned to the wall from the floor to the ceiling.

Boasting the largest collection of Dali’s artworks ever in Singapore, the exhibition spans 10 galleries filled with his artworks from scribbles to sculptures.

Born in Spain in 1904, Dali created art pieces till the ripe old age of 84. Particularly known for his horned moustache and quirky mannerisms, Dali rose to art-stardom over his works of the melting clocks in the 1930s. Thousands of his artworks are now displayed in museums all around the world.

Dance of Time II, conceived in 1979, first cast in 1984 (bronze):

Scattered throughout the exhibition are also timelines plastered on the walls of his life and milestones, in addition to Dali’s quotes which provide insights into the visionary’s confidence in himself, his pressures and the unique way he sees the world.

The exhibition space, with its high ceilings and circular layout, feels relaxed and unpretentious as you wander around the art pieces. With an entry fee of S$15 per person, Dali’s exhibition is definitely worth the visit before it leaves Singapore next month.

Front: Space Venus, conceived in 1977, first cast in 1984 (bronze), Behind: Homage to Fashion, conceived in 1971, first cast in 1984 (bronze):

Woman of Time, conceived in 1973, first cast in 1984 (bronze):

Anthropomorphic Cabinet, 1982 (bronze):

Adam and Eve, conceived in 1968, first cast in 1984 (bronze):

Unicorn, conceived in 1977, first cast in 1984 (bronze): 

Vision of the Angel, conceived in 1977, first cast in 1984 (bronze):

Surrealist Warrior, conceived in 1971, first cast in 1984 (bronze):