One of the most enjoyable things about living in the city of San Francisco is how visually dynamic it is. There is simply art everywhere, but not in a way that inundates you. The most interesting pieces are hidden away in nooks and crannies, and many people often overlook the “candy” placed in prominent locations.  ART on STREETS highlights this city’s art through the lens of a “Polaroid” camera (except it’s an app on the phone).

This row of whimsical umbrellas really caught my eye because it was such an unexpected encounter. The installation stretches about half a block down 17th and Florida streets, an “in between” area of San Francisco-part Mission and part Potrero Hill. The buildings in this neighborhood are architecturally pretty simple, consisting of warehouses and loft spaces, or some combination thereof. As a result, “chunky” and “rectangular” describe much of what you see here. Amidst this boxy landscape, umbrellas sway back and forth in the wind.