Fact. The recently revved up Fashion Truck rolled into New York this week to celebrate the 2011 Racked Awards, carrying a highly-curated collection of clothing and accessories. Forever 21 on wheels, this is not (and thank goodness for that) – inside the truck’s U-Haul-sized confines sits a space that could have been ripped out of a corner of Anthropologie, brightly lit, painted in soothing hues, lined with whimsical, must-have blouses, sweaters, scarves and jewels. Even better: Almost everything is under $100.

A peek inside the Fashion Truck

Bryant Park Passersby Exploring the Truck

Launched by Boston native Emily Benson, the Fashion Truck takes pride in peddling non-name brands.

“All the jewelry is from wholesalers here in New York,” Benson said. “All the apparel comes from L.A. – small distributors. And then I like to feature handmade items.” Those include Shoe Jewels, the better for spicing up plain Mary Janes, and Dainty Adornments, a collection of vintage knick-knacks remade as earrings. Benson estimated that she’s sold more than 10,000 items since the truck hit the road in June, toggling between fashion events and private parties up and down the Northeast coast.

A decor that bears a resemblance to a personal space at home

Jewelry available for purchase

Chic clothing items available for purchase

But things aboard the Fashion Truck aren’t always so pretty.

“I drove this down 1-95 from Boston to New Jersey,” Benson said. “It was scary. I just got used to people cutting me off.”

Maybe they’ll be begging her to pull over once they find out what’s inside.

A very happy customer

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