Louis Vuitton is well established in Singapore with four store locations along parts of Orchard Road but it recently opened its new flagship location, Island Maison, with a “splash” at Marina Bay Sands.

Impressive indoor canals offering gondolas rides and a synthetic ice rink adorn the Marina Bay Sands shopping mall, yet the most striking features are two external glass islands in the water.

These islands are connected both underground and by bridge to the main complex. One island has been tenanted by global nightclubs Avalon and Pangea, and the other is the flagship for Louis Vuitton. The company refers to the shop as its Island Maison.

While the goods on the inside are what matter for most visitors, the shop’s facade is what Untapped found impressive. Louis Vuitton has kept the exterior relatively discreet with just a Louis Vuitton and LV sign and allows the reflection of the water and Singapore skyline in the sun to steal the show.

A reflection of the Marina Bay Financial Centre:

Inside the building are three levels of retail space. The main floor is retail space primarily selling accessories and women’s fashion. The upstairs has an outdoor patio to allow patrons to admire views of the Marina Bay and the Singapore skyline.

Louis Vuitton pays homage to its history and has a wide selection of antique travel trunks scattered throughout the top floor. These iconic travel trunks were the first products sold by Louis Vuitton in the mid-19th century, and these trunks bring memories of transoceanic voyages by ship and transcontinental travels by train.

There is an underground passage on the bottom floor that connects the store to the main Marina Bay Sands complex. In the walkway are various art works portraying a similar island theme. Lastly, at the entrance to the main Marina Bay complex on the bottom floor is a mural replete with iconic images of Singapore and a book shop.

Louis Vuitton has literally set itself apart from the pack with its Island Maison. Even if many of the items are a distant luxury for many, it’s worth visiting this store to admire the innovative design and floating locale.