New York City’s craft brewery scene is small compared to Portland or even Austin. But, the tides are changing. The Bronx Brewery intends to influence the shift one beer at a time–starting with their distribution truck and the Bronx Pale Ale.

Chris, the general manager, and Damian, the company’s head brewer, met via happenstance. After completing his degree in Brewing Science at the University of California at Davis, Damian posted a search request on his alumni board for someone looking to start a company. Chris had just left Brazil after doing brand name and marketing work for a Heineken owned company. Chris read the request on Damain’s alumni board. The two started the company, with a few others, and the Bronx Brewery officially launched this past September 8th.

The big goal is to bring brewing back to the Bronx by building in-house facility. Currently, the brew is crafted in a Connecticut facility. The pair deliver the bottles in one delivery truck. The beer distribution is strategic. “Our immediate short term goal is to expand through Manhattan, Bronx and eventually Brooklyn and Queens,” says Chris. “The growth is going to happen slow. We want to make sure we know who we are selling to and make sure they have a constant supply of our product. It is important for us to grow in a steady controlled manner.” The pair have already met with staff and personnel at several bars throughout the Bronx and Manhattan to ensure bars maintain sufficient stocks of Bronx Pale Ale.

Although the process will progress slowly, the Bronx Brewery aims to expand distribution by the beginning of 2012. Undoubtedly, the advance will influence beer crafting in the Bronx, and, New York City as a whole.

The Brewery is planning on hosting a Manhattan Launch Party soon which will be covered by Untapped Cities.

You can find an up-to-date list of where you are find Bronx Brewery beer at

You can also follow the company on Twitter: @TheBronxBrewery