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The Paris Shakespeare and Company Bookstore.

This hotel will let you take a step back from New York, and really see it. It’s also yet another tall building in downtown Brooklyn. [Gizmodo]

Who doesn’t already love NY microbreweries? Well, now it’s been made official, as Senator Schumer and statewide brewers launch an “I love New York brew” campaign. [NY Daily News]

Best-dressed kid in SF, and he plays the trumpet. [7×7]

Famed literary figure and Shakespeare & Company bookstore owner George Whitman passed away on Wednesday. [NY Times] See the shop here, a true dream bookstore. [Untapped]

Officers working private, off-duty shifts have been paying into a questionable discretionary fund used by the sheriff. [The Lens NOLA]

The Hornets traded franchise point guard Chris Paul with an eye on rebuilding the team for 2013. [Hornets 247]

An old neighborhood gets a new lease on life. [NY Times  and  Untapped]

Is social media ruining our minds? [Geekosystem]

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