Support your local artisans this holiday season by shopping at neighborhood stores that feature fine arts as well as other creative endeavors like clothing and home décor. For the next few weeks Untapped SF will feature a local vendor; each of these places is a work of art in its own right. You can be sure to find things to make your nest beautiful (and make your friends’ nests beautiful) with unique one-of-a-kind gifts, and be proud that you are supporting your neighborhood community of artists. By doing this, you are giving many gifts, even with a single purchase.

When I first went into Fabric8 they had just opened. I was immediately enamored. It was 2006 and I had just moved to San Francisco. Fabric8 had already been online for 10 years, but seeing the art in person, as well as the environment in which it “lives” made the experience hit home-allowing for an actual connection to the artwork besides what you can see on the flat computer screen. This boutique has grown over the years; when I first went it was half the size it is now! In 2009 they added the back galleries. In 2010 they debuted a sculpture garden. And this past summer they added the unique parklet out front.  This parklet is special, as it is a  public art installation  venue with rotating shows. This week take a look at the featured art installation by Erik Otto. (If you go on a Friday night, you can grab a snack from a food truck and sit on the bean bags.)

Fabric8 is in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, just off of Valencia. Grab a juice or a coffee, chill out on a bean bag in the parklet, then take yourself into the gallery, where you can find cute children’s items (like stuffed animals and onesies) along with t-shirts by local artists, jewelry and of course ART of all sizes! Be sure to go all the way through the galleries in the back and visit the sculpture garden!

Fabric8 has it’s very own parklet. This installation is complete with bean bag chairs!

The current show: “A Plethora of Enchanted Delights”

Come on in, the grass is green in here!

The current show has art for the whole family.

Please, don’t pick the grass!

In the front space you will find a mix of art and other items…

…including jewelry and other small gift ideas.

Lots of t-shirts to choose from

Stuffed animals and onesies, perfect for the kid in you, or in your family

Move through the front space  in order to check out the back galleries.

Unique art pieces in a variety of sizes-find one that fits your space!

Follow the arrow to more art.

Fabric8 fish live here!

There really is art everywhere…

Looking out at the sculpture garden…

Owner and curator Olivia Ongpin


3318 22nd St.
Open 7 days a week

Current Show:A Plethora of Enchanted Delights
A 16-artist group show featuring large and small works by many of the painters that regularly exhibit in their gallery. On display from December 9, 2011 through January 17, 2012.

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