One of the most enjoyable things about living in the city of San Francisco is how visually dynamic it is. There is simply art everywhere, but not in a way that inundates you. The most interesting pieces are hidden away in nooks and crannies, and many people often overlook the “candy”” placed in prominent locations.  ART on STREETS highlights this city’s art through the lens of a “Polaroid”” camera (except it’s an app on the phone).

This enchanting new piece is composed of five panels on a residential building located on Haight Street, between Pierce and Steiner. It caused me to stop and stare. When I did start walking slowly along it, I neglected to look where I was going and bumped right into people-“Oh my, excuse me, I’m just taking in this piece.” And the longer I looked, the more new details I found, from forest flowers to the San Francisco skyline. But, this piece has something else to it. There’s a significance in it that reflects the bubbling energy of society lately. The panels exude a feeling of being ready to step onto the stage of life. What is in your enchanted forest? How long did it take you to find the treasures hidden there?

To find the piece:  Take any Muni bus on Haight Street (6, 71 etc.). Get off at Pierce and walk east on the south side of the street. Or take the N Judah and get off at Doboce Park. Walk up Pierce and hang a right on Haight. The mural is midway down the block.

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