Bank of America at California and Montgomery streets was shut down by protesters.

Starting at 6 am on January 20th, Occupy protesters gathered at various locations throughout San Francisco’s financial district. The gray day and steady rain provided a somber backdrop for waving banners and signs expressing protesters’ discontent. At the intersection of Montgomery and California streets, the location of a cluster of banks including Bank of America, a sign summarized one of the main protest agendas of the day: “Banks, no more evictions, foreclosures for profit.”

Occupy Wall Street West, the name given to this day of demonstrations, brought together multiple coalitions in one of the most organized Occupy events San Francisco has seen to date. An action schedule was posted on the official website outlining logistics of protest acts, as well as grievances and demands. The official Occupy Wall Street West Twitter voice (@owswest) directed followers to hot spots of protest action and broadcasted constant updates throughout the day.

The culminating act of solidarity, a mass march, began at 5 pm as protesters departed from Justin Herman Plaza. Bystanders on Market Street watched and listened as a loud chant filled the air:

They say go away;
we say no way.
They say get back;
we say fight back.

Protesters gather at Justin Herman Plaza before the start of the parade.

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