From January 26th to 28th, San Francisco’s Moscone Center played host to Macworld/iWorld, the annual technology conference that attracts tech vendors and enthusiasts from across the world. The heart of the conference takes place in the exhibition hall. Here, companies eager to test drive their newest products entice conference-goers with flashy displays-Polk Audio wins for the most death-defying flip jump demonstration. Marketing and public relations staff have their eye out for media badges in hopes of generating press buzz. It’s a bazaar of sorts, but the wares are all brand new. One of the most popular items on display were protective cases for the iPhone and other portable devices. Here are a few that stood out from the crowd at last week’s convention:

Crimson Frame Cases and Screen Protectors.  Made for the iPhone, these frame cases protect every edge of the phone while leaving the flat surfaces open (though still protected by the raised frame). Customize your screen with one of the many protectors ranging from the utilitarian (anti-glare) to the fun (sparkles). True Mirror Back, one of the most popular protectors, is for the back of the phone, providing users with a portable and easy-access mirror. Crimson also has case and screen-protector products for the iPad and MacBook Air.

Dry Case. A handy accessory for vacations at the beach or a trip to a water amusement park, Dry Case is a vacuum-sealed, waterproof “case” -it looks more like a fancy zip-lock bag-for your portable electronic devices. It comes in various sizes to fit your phone or your tablet reader. You can listen to music (provided you leave some air inside the case) while swimming laps, or just rest assured that your phone will stay dry on your next kayaking trip.

iLID iPhone Wallet. If you travel light, this case is for you. The back compartment opens up, allowing space for a key, approximately three credit cards, and your greenbacks. The back lid also doubles as a display stand. This lightweight wallet case is still in production, but you can pre-order it from the company website.


Intoxicase.  Perhaps the most popular case at the convention, this one is an iPhone case and app combo. The case has a bottle opener in the back, which, when used, activates the app. The app keeps tracks of your beer consumption-what type, how much, when each bottle was opened-and has a special feature to call a nearby cab. The app is integrated with Facebook, so users can share their information with friends.

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