The Untapped Web Bites are editor picks of the best online reads of the week from each of our cities and the most Untapped places across the globe.

The city’s taxi riders will start seeing iPads cropping up in place of Taxi TVs. [NY 1]

New York is joining (re-entering?) the ranks of other cities to dispense products via vending machines. Now, cupcakes; what’s next? PBR’s? Affordable apartments? See more readers’ suggestions in the comments. [NY Times]

Next month, a former bachelor officers’ quarters opens as the first inn at Presidio National Park. [Marina Times]

Find out the truth behind the city’s wackiest urban legends. (And yes, there are more dogs than children in SF.) [The Bold Italic]

An investment in culture is particularly important in times of crisis. [NY Times]

Russian artists are rising up to their nation’s controversial politics. [Washington Post]

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