When I walk through antique shops, I feel like I’m in a different world that’s only sort of related to the one we live in. With carefully placed steps I look at the different items and try to imagine what life was like there-and how everyone must have been jacked since everything is so freaking heavy. But that’s just for my own amusement…most people probably just look at a bunch of old stuff and, more often than not, leave without purchasing anything. Almost like a mini museum experience.

Either way, my favorite place to go is tucked away in Potrero Hill. Right around the corner from Thee Parkside, you’ll find Big Daddy’s, an entire warehouse full of vintage-y goodness. Seriously, it’s an entire warehouse, plus an outdoor area and an attached  café  , Tell Tale Preserves (furnished, of course, with beautiful antique furniture from Big Daddy’s).

Set aside at least an hour for this place. They have several antique bird cages-complete with live doves-that I stood looking at for about five minutes (read: I tried to capture a great shot of the doves, but they just wouldn’t stay still).   Also, if you’re looking for some stand-out lighting, don’t forget to look up. Hanging from the ceiling and walls you’ll find amazing pendant lamps and theater spotlights.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you, but this recommendation does come with a slight warning: take a deep breathe, step through the double doors, and try not to hyperventilate when you look at the first price tag. While the stuff might be “old,” you’re gonna have to cough it up if you want to take something home. Don’t get me wrong, though, I’ve totally done it. See that cage lantern up there? Mine all mine.

Big Daddy’s Antiques [Map]
1550 17th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

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