Tired of doing work inside? Want to Skype with a friend and show them the City? Check out these Manhattan hot-spots without paying a cent for your internet.

Susana Siman, of Columbia University GSAPP, mapped out the top spots for Untapped Cities using three user-friendly criteria: 1)  available  outlets, 2) Wi-Fi speeds, and, 3) Yelp ratings. In fun map form, we bring you the top quiet spots, outdoor spots, food spots and coffee spots in Manhattan.

Source: Open Wifi NYC

Check out Kaffe 1668, Ost  Café, Blue Spoon Coffee, Choux Factory, and Gregory’s Coffee.

Data Source:  Open Wifi NYC

Check out Pier 17, Bowling Green Park, Bryant Park,  60 Wall Street Atrium, one of the city’s privately-owned public spaces, and the British Memorial Garden.

Source:  Open Wifi NYC

Check out  Gregory’s Coffee, Soy Luck Club, Cafe Bravo, At65 Cafe, and B Cup.

Enjoy! Have something you want mapped for our Wacky Maps column? Contact us!

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  1. What about late night and/or 24hr locations? Amazing how few there seem to be in the city that allegedly never sleeps.

  2. Am I missing something, or is there no map for top ‘quiet’ spots? Only coffee, outdoor, food?

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