As an everyday subway rider, I often miss the writings on the wall.  Literally. Until today, I could only point out the Alice in Wonderland mosaic off the 50th street station on the 1 subway line.

But now, I have the option of exploring all Metropolitan Transit Authority’s (MTA) public art via the Arts for Transit application. The handy app is a joint venture between MTA Arts for Transit and Urban Design. The city’s entire art collection can be accessed on Apple and Android mobile devices. The user simply selects a work of art, then, the app provides information on the background of each piece included in the Arts for Transit collection. You can find artwork listed by line or by artist, get turn-by-turn directions to  installations, listen to podcasts and view photos of the pieces. The inventory includes permanent art, light boxes and posters. The app is easy to navigate content and intuitive presentation.

See video of the app in action:

Stay tuned. Untapped Cities will be exploring and writing about the application very soon.

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And, if you cannot get enough of public art, visit the Arts for Transit Tumblr page. Follow the author at @UntappedAlley.

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