The second annual MAS (Municipal Art Society) After Dark Party will take place on April 19. As a member of the planning committee, I can tell you that there is pretty much nothing cooler than spending an evening in one of New York’s most incredible buildings.  The After Dark party is aimed at the 20s to 30s age group, the core of which form  the MAS Urbanists,  interested in urban issues (or just partying). Last year an impromptu coordinated dance broke out in the middle of the dance floor.

The Municipal Art Society is a non-profit was founded out of the City Beautiful movement and seeks to make New York a most (or most) liveable city. They’re responsible for visible projects, like the 9/11 Tribute to Light ceremony (which they desperately need funding support to continue) and the Jane’s Walks, to their involvement in the DOT bike share program,  Moynihan Station/Penn Station plan and NYU redevelopment. They’re not just interested in urban planning and preservation, however. “We believe MAS can make a contribution to the future of public housing in NYC,” said President Vin Cipolla in a press meeting last night at MAS.

But the important facts: $50 (early rate) gets you open bar and  possible raising of the NYPL roof. It’s cocktail attire, of course.  Buy tickets on the MAS Urbanist website  and follow our coverage on Untapped on Twitter and Facebook.

Untapped also previously spent overnight in the New York Public Library for the 100th Anniversary. Read more.

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