The Untapped Web Bites are editor picks of the best online reads of the week from each of our cities and the most Untapped places across the globe.

NYC Next Idea’s new batch of wild and crazy New York startup ideas. [Beta Beat]

New York’s burgeoning tech industry, as seen on 568 Broadway. [Crain’s New York]

You may be able to purchase a domain name with a .nyc suffix in the near future. NYC is seeking a contract with a company based in . . . Virginia. [NY Times]

Muni turns 100. [Market Street Railway]

Community Gallery on Ames Alley. [Mission Mission]

Is this yours? Police post slideshow of stolen property recovered from alleged serial burglar. [SF Appeal]

An ode to urban exploration: The Paris Metro. [Sleepy City]

Urban decay from around the globe, a hauntingly beautiful sight. [Noupe]

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