I had the pleasure meeting the wonderful artist and a fellow New Jerseyan Rob Jelinski on Twitter a few months ago. The images he creates are powerful and thought provoking while remaining elegant. I was able to catch up with Rob for a few minutes while he’s preparing his first solo art exhibit this Saturday to ask some questions. So without further ado, I am pleased to introduce the immensely talented Rob Jelinski.

Untapped Cities: What inspires you?
Rob:  There is nothing that elevates my creativity more than viewing the work of other talented visual artists, pondering the layered imagery of well-written literature, or entering new worlds of expression skillfully crafted through song, dance, theater, or film.

Untapped Cities: What work do you most enjoying doing?
Rob: I love working on projects that are centered around a good cause. While I love doing trendy layouts for various clients, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing my work is playing a small role in influencing greater change.

A spread from Rob Jelinski’s Sketchbook Project entitled, A Book Called… Forever

 Untapped Cities: Who is your favorite artist and why?
Rob: Vincent Van Gogh is by far my favorite artist. He painted life like no other. His works utilized the basics of Impressionism (lighting changes depicting lapses in time, strokes to convey movement, and common imagery shown from a unique angle) while expanding them through his own personal technique and mindset to form revolutionary displays of creativity. Van Gogh was a trendsetter who painted the world as he saw it! He saw the world in beautiful bleak hues when others could only envision it in vibrant tones, he portrayed trees tumbling in the wind at a time when artists simply portrayed them as swaying, and he depicted light radiating from the subject matter while his contemporaries featured the light descending from above. I too want to be like Van Gogh and set the trends that will inspire generations to come.

A spread from Rob Jelinski’s Sketchbook Project entitled, A Book Called… Forever

Untapped Cities:  What is your dream project or collaboration?
Rob: Living so close to New York City, I’ve always imagined seeing my work displayed in Times Square.  I would love for a client to have me design an advertisement for a billboard that spans half of a building.

A spread from Rob Jelinski’s Sketchbook Project entitled, A Book Called… Forever

Untapped Cities: How do you see your work evolving over the next 5 years?
Rob: My five year plan includes building a greater visibility for my company  Rob Jelinski Studios  in the design industry, branching my artwork more into fine arts, and organizing innovative collaboratives that join an array of artists together for a positive purpose.

Untapped Cities: Where can we find your work?
Rob: You can connect with me on Facebook or Twitter. Find samples of my design work on RobJelinski.com, or discover whose work I admire on my blog, My Ink Pad.

A compilation album complied by Rob to narrate, A Book Called… Forever

On March 31st, 2012 A Book Called”¦ Forever will take the stage at a Pre-Release Exhibition [Map] prior to it’s official journey of the U.S.A and Canada on The Sketchbook Project, 2012 World Tour! The night will feature a premiere showcase of Rob Jelinski’s newest creation, A Book Called… Forever. There will also be unplugged performances by Joel Jelinski and M. Josephine, and a live mix of music that inspired the project from DJ Irs. Some official Tour Memorabilia will also be given away throughout the night. Our very own Downtown Doodle  will be there doodling some of her famous Starbucks cups!

If you can’t make it out to New Jersey for the pre-release event to help Rob celebrate celebrate his 1st solo art exhibit, “A Book Called… Forever {Pre-Release Exhibition}” at Starbucks, you can be part of the digital after party.  Rob cordially invites viewers around the world to join him and his co-pilot, Efrain Mercado, for this exclusive event. This global broadcast will stream LIVE from Nashville, London, and Montana featuring the musical talent of Blake Stratton and Shayla coupled with the creative whimsy of Vicky Morse.

Don’t miss your chance to see this project launch into uncharted territory with unplayed cover songs, unaired footage, and a special international unfolding of new tour memorabilia for A Book Called… Forever. It’s all happening LIVE on Facebook+Ustream starting at 10pm EST.

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