Even though I am pretty much a Mission rat, I do leave my neighborhood every once in a while. One of the ‘hoods that can grab my attention is the Lower Haight-the locals-only version of the more popular Upper Haight. Here you’ll find a much more acceptable amount of tye-dye (read: almost none) and notice an absence of gutterpunks from Marin in for the day. Never fear, though, you can still find yourself an amazing Halloween costume and peruse several head shops without having to avoid hoards of tourists.

Tucked in between the hole-in-the-wall bars with decent beers on tap, you’ll also be able to find a great sandwich, haircut, fancy drink, and some frikkin’ delicious BBQ.

Memphis Minnie’s is serious about food. They do BBQ right: slow-smoked from 4-18 hours, no gas, no electric, smoked only with oak. The menu is simple, and believe me when I say it’s not in line with any health initiatives. You have to like your ribs dry-rub style, even though you can add sauces at the plastic-covered tables (each one furnished with its own roll of paper towels).

It’s a pretty small place (about 6 tables, I believe), so you might just have to take your Que to go. And guess what else? They cater. Do it, people.

Memphis Minnie’s  [Map]
576 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA

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