It may be fair to say that art actually is all about how we view the world. That art actually is all about looking at the world from a different perspective. And that it’s about  having others empathize with what we see and what we  perceive from  every single moment of our lives. Indeed, artists keep looking for ways to better deliver how they see the fragments of life and what they mean to us. All of them aspiring to deliver those inspirations that  transcend the borders of time and location.


Do-ho Seo’s exhibition at Leeum, the Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul, is one of artists’ finest attempts to see the  world  in a different light  and inspire others via  ingenious perspectives. Entitled ‘Home within Home,’ the Seoul-born artist’s latest exhibition depicts his world with an impressive medium – fabric houses.

Building up houses that are made of fabrics is usually what we would encounter only in children’s imaginary sketches. Yet, at Seo’s exhibition you would easily notice that fabric houses are more than a mere imaginary aspiration to the artist. In fact, fabric houses for Seo are a perfect means to bring his aspirations to reality.

Having lived in cities that are so alien to one another, Seo has constantly elaborated an artistic theme of ‘migration’ that revolves around the homes in distant locations – Seoul, New York, and Berlin. While the theme is piercing through all of his works, some of the homes that have inspired the alien artist are reproduced here in Seoul.


Amazingly, his application of materials is dexterous enough to inspire others. His perception of space is  distinctive enough to wake up  our senses. His representation of space and time even makes us speculate about  the transient nature of life itself.  With these meticulously-done art works, Seo manages to  connect his distant homes in  one single space. With these incredibly-woven fabric houses, we get to connect with his perspectives on the world.

His portrayal of the world on the amazing fabrics  produces an extraordinary ambience inside the massive edifice designed by Rem Koolhaas. Here, even strangers would come and leave with unexpected inspirations from a  dreamy, floating home, within another home.

* Exhibition open until July 3rd, 2012.  For more information on the exhibition, click here.

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