In an event inspired by the NYC Marathon,  Marathon Day,  is a 26.2-drink tour of the 5 boroughs, an idea concocted by  Janos Marton of  four years ago (he’s also a lawyer and activist in his spare time). Get excited, because tt’s happening tomorrow. Before you write it off as an event only for fraternity boys, Marathon Day is at its simplest, an ode to the city. The photographs that come out of the event each year tell the story: there are more shots of quirky signs, architecture and the skyline, than of drunk revelers. One photograph of a sign inside a bar (which not surprisingly came out a bit fuzzy) said, “Enter as strangers, leave as friends.” That’s the mission of the participants of Marathon Day towards each other, the people they encounter and the places they discover.

The schedule is posted in advance, so one need not make it to all locations, or start from the beginning. There are various rules for how many drinks per bar and per borough, but as you can imagine it’s not too complex. So far, 84 people have RSVP’d on Facebook as attending. There will be t-shirts (and mad props) for those that make it to the end…Good luck! The official hashtag is #MD5 for Marathon Day V.

Schedule (Click on links to Google Map locations)

11am Manhattan Ferry Terminal (4 South Street, Manhattan)
11:35am  Jimmy Steiny’s  Pub (3 Hyatt Street, Staten Island)
11:55am  Karl’s Klipper (40 Bay Street, Staten Island)
12:15pm  Bay Cafe (120 Bay Street, Staten Island)
1pm Return on Ferry
1:30pm White Horse Tavern (25 Bridge Street)
2:30pm Hank’s Saloon (46 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, Atlantic Ave. area)
2:50pm 4th Avenue Pub (76 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, Atlantic Ave. area)
3:30pm Union Pool  (484 Union Avenue, Williamsburg)/Alligator Lounge  (600 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg)
5pm Creek & the Cave (1093 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City)
5:20pm Dominie’s Hoek  (48-17 Vernon Boulevard,  Long Island City)
6:30pm Wharf Bar,  (587 3rd Avenue, Grand Central area)
7:30pm Dinner at Sam’s Soul Food (596 Grand Concourse, Bronx)
9pm Yankees Tavern, (72 East 161st Street, Yankees Stadium area)
10pm Ding Dong Lounge  (929 Columbus Avenue, Columbia University area)
11pm Bar Nine (807 9th Avenue, Hell’s Kitchen)
Midnight Rudy’s Bar  & Grill (627 9th Avenue, Hell’s Kitchen)
1am  Destination Bar (211 Avenue A, East Village)
1:40am  Odessa (119 Avenue A, East Village)

Follow the shenanigans on my Twitter @untappedmich. Also read about the people who try to break the Guinness World Records for subway rides, another fascinating and zany urban hobby.