There are two things that mean a lot to me, first, doodling. Putting my Sharpie to paper and letting loose lets me space out and express my creativity at the same time, and if you haven’t noticed, I really enjoy it. I often see doodles all around me. When someone stamps their foot down I imagine doodles shooting out. Or when a dancer kicks, more doodles. And if I close my eyes, the band, Explosions in the Sky makes me see doodles that dance along to their music.

The Brooklyn Bridge also means a lot to me as well. I had my last first kiss near the bridge, I was also proposed to in that same spot years later. I’m sure the Bridge will be there for me during other important milestones in my life. So why not combine the two things that mean the most to me together, a photo I took on the Brooklyn Bridge with some of my doodles.

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Have a great week!