Outside Le Salon d’ Art, 90 Stanton Street

An art show IN a hair salon?! I guess anything is possible in New York City… right? On a perfect spring evening,  I found myself on the way to the June art exhibit opening at Le Salon d’ Art.

(Left) Left in photo: Kings, Queens, and Jesters 36×48″  Right in photo: How to Move In A Room Full Of Vultures 36 x 48″

It is after 8 when we turn the corner from Allen Street onto Stanton, the building numbers creep closer to 90 and there is a crowd of people mulling around in the middle of the sidewalk like they were waiting outside of a lounge or club. I look at the sign to see what the hot spot is and sure enough it is Le Salon d’ Art. The gallery is packed, there is an eclectic mix of people talking energetically to old friends and new strangers as we step inside the small space. We are welcomed almost immediately by the featured artist for June, Brian Kirhagis.

(left)  The Recent Flexing of Presidential Powers  Mixed 22 x 54″   (right) The Curves of Your Thoughts 30 x 40″

We wander around admiring the vivid paintings full of movement and life. The show is impressive with a total of 36 paintings displayed in the space, ranging from a small 9″x12″ to a monstrous 88″x30″. There a few I would buy if I had the money, I might buy them all if I won the lottery. Scattered around the space are these tiny skips of paper with numbers corresponding to paintings. On each slip are some thoughts he wanted to share about the painting or a cryptic story or his explanation of the piece. I am impressed with the lengths he goes to do that the audience feels connected to his work. So often you look at a painting and think, “what is that?” if you get it great, but if you don’t, then you miss out on something great.

I think back to this episode of Boy Meets World  (see 7:52 in the clip) where Eric and Cory are in an art museum with their dad trying to understand a sculpture. It is labeled with a very simple and literal title, Eric is the only one that understands, while his dad and Cory look too deep and miss the lesson completely. There is nothing missing here tonight. Brian and brought us into his world and mind and made sure no one got lost along the way.

(left) Write up for painting #10,  Thinking of You    (right) Table full of slips for various paintings

A friend introduced us to the owners, Grace and Hans. Hans explains they have been hosting art shows here for about three years now, with a new group or solo every month. You can come in, get your hair done and look at some art at the same time, or just come for the art. Hans and Grace wanted something different that would set apart their salon from the rest. With a new art show every month, I think they have definitely accomplished that.

Right now they have artists lined up until November, so maybe my pipe dream to have a gallery show one day isn’t so crazy and far off. Time will tell.

le salon d’ art
90 stanton street,
new york, ny 10002

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