Deep underneath Spring street (well, about 12 steps) on a sweltering summer afternoon, chef David Santos, best known for stints at Per Se and Bouley, works furiously in a tiny kitchen while dozens wait eagerly outside, sipping signature cocktails and chatting endlessly. The location is Parlor, a hidden, beautiful and private members-only club in Soho. The interior is candle-lit and Baroque. The mood is intimate and classical.

The event, of course, is Underground Eats, a series of exclusive dining experiences for alternative eaters. Here at Untapped New York, we’re excited to announce our coverage partnership with Underground Eats, bringing you to the most unique locations they’ll be entering in New York City.

As I navigate the crowd, warring against an untimely fashion choice I’d made earlier in the day (a $10 Target t-shirt)  in a battle to stay inconspicuous, Harris and Adam, the eccentric curators of Underground Eats, guide me into the kitchen to meet David.

Chef Santos is preparing an eclectic menu that would blow me (and the rest of Parlor’s excited guests) away. From Cold, Seared Strip Steak with Chimichurri Sauce to Fluke Ceviche with Sesame Vinaigrette, Santos effortlessly pieced together wildly delicious canapé after wildly delicious canapé.

Meanwhile, the people at Alchemia Infused Vodkas are busy turning exclusive cocktails (ginger infused vodka with green tea, lime juice, jalapeno syrup and hella bitters) to help turn the hum of the crowd into a roar. Parlor’s DJ spins a remix of Death From Above 1979’s Sexy Results. The rest, admittedly, is better described with photos, so enjoy!

Chef David Santos shows off his Asparagus Crostini

Chef Santos’ Spread, including Parlor favorite, Potato Fritters with Truffle Cream

Parlor’s intimate, bustling bar

Conversation at Parlor

Parlor Punch, a ginger-infused vodka mixed with green tea

DJ’ing in a Baroque palace

Provocative art lines the walls of Parlor

Curry chicken salad with pita crisps, CU

Fluke Ceviche dipped in Sesame Vinaigrette

Mirror shot, way too swanky for Myspace

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