Fun, paint, laughing, dancing, beachballs, tutus and enjoyable aren’t usually words you associate with a 5k run. But this isn’t your average 5k, this race is on  steroids. Held in various cities across the country, Color Me Rad 5k  Runs are changing the face of running forever. Rather than running from something, we ran for something; fun and the opportunity to be covered in paint. At various points along the race course you get colored corn  starch  thrown at you, and you have the opportunity to throw it at your friends as well!  Oh yea, all proceeds were  donated  to the Special Olympics of Philadelphia, it was a win-win kind of a day.

We started at 7:15 am with a plain white t-shirts and some awesome neon sunglasses:

From left to right: Katrian, Julie, Sara Beth, me, Paige, Brittany

No race would be complete without some cool new (temporary) tattoos:

Some untapped staff members spent last week at an all white clothing dinner, I spent my Sunday morning at an all white clothing race.  Let’s get started!

First turn through the Smith Memorial Arch, no color bombs yet!

Coming up on the first color bomb station, blue. The Please Touch Museum is in the background.

Running through the blue station plus a little doodle:

After the green and purple color bomb stations, photo while running with Julie:

Some people got really into the race:

After the race:

One more final paint throw:

I had so much fun doing this race! I will be back next year to have even more fun, if that’s even possible!

Don’t think you can wait an entire year to partake in a Color Me Rad Race? Check out their website to see if there is a Color Me Rad Race near your town soon!

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To see a behind the scenes making of the doodle included in this post check it out on YouTube:

Have a great week!