Here is the next installment in Untapped’s curated guide for speedy exploration. Last week, I presented 5 spots in the West Village, and this week I now take you around Chelsea.

1.)  David

Having just recently materialized on the intersection of 9th Avenue and 14th Street, this imitation of Michelangelo’s David by the Spanish artist dEmo and Italian designer Luca Missoni acts as a boundary-marker for the Meatpacking district and Chelsea. “Gift-wrapped” in a colorful zigzag pattern, their interpretation is certainly a departure from the classical Renaissance piece.  I expect Michelangelo, along with other classical sculptors, would cringe at the sight of this sculpture embellished in a parade of colors; nevertheless, it’s peculiar, it’s amusing, it’s Chelsea.

The statue will remain at the intersection until September 2012

2.)  Independent Designer-Pop Shop

Located inside Chelsea Market at 75 9th Avenue, Independent Designer Pop-Up offers rotational retail space for artisans whose stay typically lasts no longer than a week.  While enclosed in a brightly-lit interior, the brick-clad walls belie the building’s original purpose as an industrial factory.

During my visit, I browsed through Engage Green’s  eco-friendly wallets and bags and   Vernakular’s line of accessories.  Independent photographers submit their work to Vernakular, who then showcases chosen photographs as the covers of wallets, messenger bags, and journals.  Currently, 13 designers in total are occupying this space; however, this round of artisans will only be at the shop until Sunday, July 8th so make sure to stop by soon!

Wallets by Vernakular

3.)  Pippin Vintage Jewelry

Committed to offering “un-Manhattan” prices, Pippin Vintage Jewelry on 112 West 17th Street offers a wide array of jewelry and home goods whose histories span over 100 years.  Many items in their collection are below $50 with quite a few accessories under $10.  Their items are neatly displayed on top of dressers, but jewelry and other accessories are also available inside various drawers for the avid treasure hunter to rummage though.

While Pippin does have a selection of vintage high-end goods such as engagement rings, I would stick to the less pricey items since their quality and price go hand-in-hand.

4.) IAC Building

On the corner of 18th Street and 11th Avenue, the IAC Building is a close neighbor to the High Line and often acts as a popular backdrop for visitors posing for photos. I’ve passed by the building several times, but recently I’ve discovered that the IAC Building is another work in Frank Gehry’s prolific collection.

Right alongside the Hudson River, the curvilinear forms of the building echo the nearby free-flowing waterway. As for the company itself, InterActiveCorp (IAC), it is an American internet company that owns several recognizable websites such as CollegeHumor, Vimeo, and Newsweek/Daily Beast.

5.) Family Business

It’s pretty rare to not hear “Chelsea” and “art gallery” in the same sentence, but even so, Family Business may be the smallest art gallery in the city so keep your eyes open when you’re walking along 21st Street and 10th Avenue. Started by Maurizio Cattelan and Massimiliano Gioni, Family Business labels itself as a place where “ghosts” meet, that is, a space for guests plus hosts to mingle and explore experimental art.  Bordering this miniscule storefront is the Anna Kustera Gallery where visitors from Family Business also frequent (especially during gallery parties).

If you have been wondering about the “DILDO” stickers that have been appearing throughout the city, or have never heard of them and are now incredibly curious, check out Untapped’s past article on Maurizio Cattelan, Italy’s Most Provocative Artist.

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