Under the FDR Drive

Earlier this year, I took an architectural photography class with photographer Erieta Attali, author of the book In Extremis: Landscape into Architecture  at Columbia University GSAPP. I’m a self-taught photographer, apart from a few weeks with photographer Mark Lyon, known for his  work in the Maison de Verre  in Paris and on tour with MGMT. As such, the transition to architectural/fine art photographer was a unique challenge. As a journalist, I can usually present a series of images to represent one place, but for the class I wanted to capture both the essence of a place and what might have been overlooked all in one image.  I sought to frame the city and to show the “Untapped” sides of New York.

Without further ado:


Garage, Lincoln Center

The Juilliard School

Glenwood Power Plant, Yonkers

Washington Heights, public park

FDR Four Freedoms Park, Roosevelt Island

Glenwood Power Plant, Yonkers

Chinatown, empty, post-snow

Coney Island Boardwalk

Coney Island Subway Station

Lincoln Center, early morning fog

Lincoln Center, morning

Behind the Grand Staircase, The Juilliard School

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  1. Lovely images. In tone, color and framing some of them remind me very much of George Tice’s best work. He made a few from the SI Ferry that look much like your Chinatown image.

    • michelle young Reply

      Hello Mark, thank you for your comment! It’s an honor to be compared to George Tice. I’ve had an amazing time working on my photography through Untapped Cities. If you’re a photographer and would like to share on Untapped, do get in touch with me! michelle[at]untappedciites[dot]com.

  2. Valerie NYC Reply

    Michelle, your works just keeps getting better. It ´s a pleasure to follow your steps. Best-

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