A train on the French RER line has been decorated to high style following a partnership between the rail company and the Château  of Versailles.

The subway train which operates a service from Paris to the Château  has been given a palatial face lift to put travellers in the right frame of mind before their visit to the magnificent UNESCO site.

Seven carriages on the train have been completely redecorated with images of the Hall of Mirrors, the Temple of Love, Louis XVI’s library, the Gallery of Battles (image above), the Queens Chambers at the Petit Trianon, the coach of the Coronation of Charles X and the English style garden of the Petit Trianon.

From now until the end of August hostesses from the Tourist Office of Versailles  and SNCF agents will travel on trains to educate tourists on the Palace of Versailles or the different attractions to discover in Paris. 50,000 people per day travel on the RER C line which this train operates on, and whether its being used by those travelling to work or tourists, the look of the train is bound to improve traveller’s moods and encourage them to visit the Versailles Palace.

Rail company SNCF have plans for five more trains to be decorated in the same film decoration technique by the end of 2012 — talk about arriving in style!

This article was originally published on The Good Life France,  an Untapped Cities partner site.