In May, Untapped Cities writer Jake Schabas published an expose on midtown POPS (Privately Owned Public Space) on Streetsblog and announced the city’s initative to put those spaces back into the hands of the public. This initiative is 6 ½  Avenue, a series of midblock crosswalks from 51st  Street to 57th  Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenue. The goal would be to link previously unconnected public spaces and add “clearly-marked pedestrian crossings” and other safety initiatives. Schabas also noted that some of these “public” spaces look so private, even The New York Times was fooled by the arcade in the Parker Meridien Hotel. We thought it was private too.

6 ½ Avenue weaves in and out of buildings, alternatively outdoors and under covered arcades, not unlike the passages of Paris  (without the consumerism). 6 ½ Avenue is supposed to have all of the above pedestrian measures on the street (not all are in place yet) but one wonders if more needs to be done within to create a sense of public identity for the spaces, which were originally created as afterthoughts by developers who received height bonuses in exchange.  Public art, perhaps, or way finding signs, or unified street furniture. What ideas do you have for 6 ½  Avenue?

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3 thoughts on “Manhattan’s Newest Address: 6 ½ Avenue

  1. Very good piece, Michelle. It exposes one of New York’s “hidden jewels,” a little-known pedestrian cut-through corridor from street to street to street, not unlike the “infinite corridor” at MIT in Cambridge, MA. One question: are the “6 1/2 Av” signs actually there, or were they Photoshopped in?

    1. Thanks Todd! The 6 1/2 street signs are real, we can credit the humor of the NYC gov on this one!

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