Grant’s Tomb National Memorial

Welcome back to Part II of NYC’s Presidential Haunts. Last week we looked at locations frequented by US Presidents from Washington to Lincoln, this week we’ll look at presidents Grant to Obama.

Ulysses Grant

Grant’s temporary tomb. Source: Grant Monument Association

After his presidency, Grant and his wife lived part of their time in New York City and he listed the city as one of the places in which he wanted to be buried, eventually next to his wife. After a 60,000 person, 5 hour, 7 mile funeral procession, Grant was laid to rest in a vault in Riverside Park. (A plaque currently marks this former entombment  site)

On April 27, 1892, what would have been Grant’s seventieth birthday, President Benjamin Harrison laid the cornerstone for the  permanent  tomb. The tomb, the exterior of which was modeled after the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and the interior of which was modeled after Les Invalides,  was dedicated five years later to the day. Grant’s Tomb, which was unfinished according to its original plan, is currently run by the National Park Service.

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