Free shows, free drinks, lots of shaking and sweating, no catch?

That is exactly what Vans has been offering with their summer House Parties series at their 25,000 square foot warehouse. Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, The House of Vans doubles as a skate park and concert venue were bands like H2O, Washed Out, Cursive, King Khan and The Shrines and more perform energy filled sets for audiences of all ages.

The company has a knack for sponsoring major music festivals like Coachella and SXSW, and for throwing parties like the House Parties series in partnership with Los Angeles’ FYF Festival. The shows are free with RSVP. The House of Vans features a massive indoor space and a back patio. Food is available for purchase at the site via food trucks. Most importantly, the events include all you can drink free beer and water.

July 26 marked the third party of the summer as party heroes King Khan and The Shrines and bounce rapper Nicky Da B shared the stage in what turned out to be a positively exhausting night.

New Jersey’s punk rockers The Everymen opened the night just as a rain storm began to fall. Their high intensity set prepared party goers’ ears for a feast. New Orleans’ Nicky Da B came next. He didn’t go on alone though, flanked by a female and a male go go dancer. Outrageously, the bearded male dancer was clad in bondage looking gear. Audience members were invited to the stage early into the set and repeatedly demonstrated classic bounce dance moves. By the time Nicky Da B performed “Drop It Hot Potato Style” (watch the hilarious official video), glitter showers and sweat had lured the audience to let go of inhibitions.


Wearing a feathered hat and ceremoniously raising his hands towards the audience, the King came onstage last. Once the music started, a mosh pit quickly formed and crowd surfing began, lasting the length of the set. Berlin’s, King Khan and the Shrines have been touring internationally for almost 14 years, bringing the party everywhere they go. Highlights of the set included “I Want to Be a Girl” and their recently released single “Bite My Tongue,” which features a very funny video. Giving no sign of exhaustion, the band didn’t let their audience mellow down until the last note was played.

When it was all over, guests walked away looking like they had spent the day crossing the dessert, most of them   glowing from not having spent a dime during the whole night.

House Parties continue this summer in Brooklyn. Look out for RSVP announcements on the Vans Music page.

Next House Parties:

August 16 – Cursive, Titus Andronicus, Love as Laughter, Joyce Manor
August 29 — Turbonegro, Baroness, Doomriders, Nightbirds


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